Get Your Home Back to Normal

Turn to us for water extraction services in Hurricane, South Charleston, Huntington and surrounding areas in WV

Pipes can burst. Floodwaters can invade your home. Forgetful housemates can leave the bath running. Water damage of some kind is almost inevitable, but it's also completely reversible. Clean Slate Restoration provides professional water damage restoration in the Hurricane, South Charleston, Huntington WV area. We'll help you save your precious memories from mold, mildew and water damage.

Act quickly to avoid further damage. Call 304-747-6005 now to get the water extraction process started.

Can we really reverse the destruction caused by water? Clean Slate Restoration's water damage restoration services involve:

Vacuuming standing water and waterlogged carpeting

Using heaters and fans to get moisture levels back to normal

Cleaning and restoring flooring, walls, furniture and belongings

We also offer mold and mildew remediation to keep flooding from becoming an even bigger problem in the future.

Call our Hurricane, South Charleston, West Virginia office immediately to start on water extraction right away.

Water Damage Remediation | Hurricane, South Charleston & Huntington, WV.

Water Damage Remediation | Hurricane, South Charleston & Huntington, WV.