Call us for Corona Virus disinfecting services in Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, Beckley and surrounding areas in West Virginia

At Clean Slate Restoration, we are coordinating our efforts with other businesses to combat the Corona Virus. By using approved methods from the EPA, we are ready to help both residential and commercial clients. If you suspect your home or place of business has been compromised, don't wait! Call us now. Proudly serving Charleston, Hurricane, Huntington, Beckley and surrounding areas in West Virginia.

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for combating COVID-19

Disinfecting Process and Procedure

Level 1 Disinfecting only:
This scenario is only to be utilized when there are unconfirmed cases of COVID-19 at a facility. The protocol for the facility is a proactive cleaning more aligned to a janitorial deep cleaning service utilizing EPA approved hospital-grade disinfectants on all high touch point areas throughout the area (list below). This is a proactive cleaning/disinfecting program and can be performed during operating hours if needed. Please be aware Clean Slate Restoration technicians will utilize PPE.

The following locations/items are to be hand cleaned with an approved disinfectant:

Doorknobs/handles, door push plates
Washrooms – all surfaces
Cooler/Freezer/Refrigerator handles (if applicable)
Vending Machine Buttons (if applicable)
Microwave buttons/handles
Television remote controls
Copy Machine buttons
Stair and escalators railings
Breakrooms tables, chairs & counters
Light Switches/cover plates
Elevator call buttons/cover plates
Time clocks
Common area filing cabinets
Waiting area furniture (non-upholstered)
POS stations, Customer Return Desk
ATM Machines
Shopping cart handles and shopping basket handles
Locker rooms
Front counters and waiting area
Register Credit Card Machines
Drawer handles, cabinet handles
Exterior drive-thru call buttons and touchpoints

Level 2 Disinfecting - Reactive Cleaning:

This scenario is utilized when there are confirmed cases of COVID-19 at a facility (an employee/vendor has become ill or a confirmed case of a customer has been identified). The above Level 1 disinfecting will be performed in its entirety as well as a fogging/misting of the facility with an EPA approved hospital grade disinfectant. The building will be closed, no personnel may be present within the facility during the fogging/misting process and security may need to be arranged to lock doors and check our crews out of the building. Level 2 disinfecting can be completed either during or after hours, but the facility must be closed. Clean Slate Restoration will be in full PPE during reactive cleaning as recommended by the disinfectant manufacturer.